SETEK WiFi Extender

SETEK WiFi Extender is super easy and provides an all-in-one solution to your network, speed, and streaming problems. The SETEK WiFi range extender improves the speed of your network by reducing dead zones in your home or office. The range extender additionally increases the coverage area of your network.
How to Set Up Your SETEK Wi-Fi Extender through the WPS Method:
Manual Repeater SE-01: SETEK WiFi range extender signal booster SETEK technology range extender used to extend your existing WiFi network in the area facing low signal issues. Two of the SETEK range extenders are available and are popular. One is SETEK WiFi Extender SE01 and SETEK Extender EX02. The SETEK superboost WiFi repeater model supports 300Mbps WiFi speed and can easily setup with any brand WiFi router.
Setek WiFi Extender Reset: If you have forgotten the password to your Setek WiFi Extender, you may do a factory reset on the device by pressing the Reset button. The factory reset function on the Setek will delete and remove all of the data and apps on the device. It is quite simple to retrieve the password for your Setek WiFi range extender once it has been reset.
Setup troubleshooting: SETEK technology brings you an all-in-one solution to your issues regarding network, speed or streaming, boosting your network speed by eliminating the dead zones.
Enter the Password: The next page that comes up will require you to input your password to login. Enter the default password (admin) and click Login. It will then scan for wireless networks for you to choose from.

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